City Bank & Trust Company

Switch to City Bank

Switch to City Bank

Make the SWITCH to City Bank & Trust Company today.  It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Follow the step by step guide below to make the switch to City Bank & Trust Company.  If you need any assistance or have a question, please call 318-352-4416 or visit one of our five convenient locations. 

Thank you for choosing City Bank & Trust Company.

  1. Open your City Bank account today.
    • Complete the New Account Form and see a Customer Service Representative at one of our five convenient locations.  They will help determine what account(s) fit you best. 
  2. Stop using your previous checking account.
    • Please allow time for outstanding checks to clear.  Destroy/Shred your ATM and/or Debit cards, any unused checks and deposit slips.
  3. Set up your Automated Direct Deposit and Automatic Withdrawals.
    • Review your most recent statements on your previous account to complete the Automatic Withdrawals and Direct Deposit Form.  This form helps you track any automatic payments and deposits you plan to switch to City Bank & Trust Company.
    • Move your Direct Deposit to City Bank & Trust Company.  Complete the Direct Deposit Change Request Form to make the process even easier!
    • Transfer any Automatic Payments and Debits to City Bank & Trust Company.  Use the Automatic Withdrawal Change Request Form to assist you.
  4. Close out your old account.
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