City Bank & Trust Company

City Bank’s Comprehensive Mortgage Solutions: Bridging Tradition and Innovation

A Storied Legacy of Trust: City Bank & Trust Company

For 90 years, City Bank & Trust Company has shined brightly as Louisiana’s trusted banking beacon. We proudly dedicate ourselves to serving all generations, and in doing so, we’ve carefully crafted a selection of Louisiana Residential Mortgages to meet diverse home-buying preferences.

Tailored Mortgage Solutions for Every Home Buyer

Are you setting foot on the property ladder for the first time, or perhaps reconsidering home ownership? It’s essential to grasp which residential mortgages in Louisiana align with your aspirations and needs. In our diverse portfolio, we offer traditional Conventional loans, an ideal fit for those boasting a consistent income and an impressive credit history. Meanwhile, our FHA loans specifically target those who might have a smaller down payment or desire more flexible qualification benchmarks. For modern home enthusiasts, our Manufactured Homes mortgages present a unique solution. Furthermore, we’ve designed our Rural Development loans for those with an eye on Louisiana’s calming rural or suburban settings. Click here for more information about our mortgage solutions.

Embracing Digital Innovations

City Bank & Trust Company goes beyond just providing a variety of loan options. We’ve embraced innovative digital tools, notably the City Bank Mobile App, to enhance your banking journey. This nod to the future and our deep-rooted history firmly establish us as the go-to for Multi-generational Banking in LA. Through our platform, you can easily oversee your loans, delve into our Competitive Interest Rates in Louisiana, and enjoy a spectrum of services. This includes everything from seamless peer-to-peer transfers using Zelle to in-depth online banking capabilities.

Branching Out to Serve You Better

If you’re searching for mortgage expertise that harmoniously blends time-honored values with contemporary innovations, look no further. Spread from the historical core of Natchitoches at our Main Branch on Rue St. Denis to the bustling University Branch atmosphere, our branches eagerly await. Whether in the thriving heart of Shreveport or amidst Campti’s picturesque vistas, our dedicated teams stand ready to elevate your home-buying journey. So, why wait? Begin with City Bank & Trust Company, Natchitoches’ premier banking service, and let us steer you toward your dream home.

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